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3D Scan of Walter Reed Army Center
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GWS Introduces 3D Laser Scanning Technology

April 21, 2008

G.W. Stephens, Jr. and Associates, Inc. (GWS) is excited to announce the addition of 3D laser scanning to its surveying “tool kit.” GWS has continued its investment in Trimble, adding a Trimble GX laser scanner to complement its existing robotic total stations and GPS systems. Using one manufacturer for all the equipment gives GWS a seamless flow from start to finish. Trimble is a recognized worldwide leader in surveying and positioning technology.

Traditional surveying has been based on one location at a time and the judgment of the survey crew. 3D laser scanning will allow GWS to locate all viewable features at previously unattainable levels of detail and at unheard of speeds. Much like a three-dimensional snapshot, a typical 360° scan of a 100 meter radius area (7.763 Ac.) can be performed in 45 minutes. The GX scanner allows for the collection of up to 5,000 points per second. At 100 meters (328 feet) the scanner has a certified standard deviation of 2.5 millimeters (0.008 feet). Trimble’s SureScan technology will ensure that the scanner creates a consistent grid throughout the scanning area. Multiple, over-lapping scans are utilized to ensure complete coverage and to fill areas unseen from other scan locations.

While the speed and accuracy of the scanner is its strength, its versatility is its hallmark. Highway surveys can be performed without closing any lanes and without GWS personnel entering the highway. Because of the horizontal and vertical nature of the scanner, bridges and building facades (up to 25 stories) are easily surveyed in great detail without leaving the ground. Since the laser is a non-contact location technology, power lines and electrical substations can be located at a distance and without risk to personnel. This same non-contact aspect of the laser survey allows for the accurate location of historical and archaeological data without any disturbance to the subject. Stockpile and as-built surveys can be performed with a level of detail not possible with conventional surveying instruments.

Contact GWS for a personal demonstration of the 3D Laser Scanner’s capabilities at 410-297-2340.

























Above: An example of a 3D Raw Intensity Scan.











Above: An example of a 3D Color-Corrected Scan.