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Roland Park Grocery Store circa 1930
On April 1, 1940, George William Stephens, Jr. left the Roland Park Company after 30 years of service as Chief Engineer to establish his own consulting engineering office in the Jenifer Building, Chesapeake Avenue, Towson, MD. As Chief Engineer of the Roland Park Company, which had introduced planned communities to the East Coast at the turn of the century, he had a great deal of experience in land development. Several of the well-known communities the Roland Park Company had developed by this time were Roland Park, Guilford, Homeland and Northwood in Baltimore County.

Mr. Stephens recognized the coming need for a company offering developmental engineering services in Maryland. With Herbert L. Weaver, a close friend and prominent Sanitary Engineer as his Prinicpal Engineer and advisor, he established the company known today as George William Stephens, Jr. and Associates, Inc. The new company was joined by Josephine Primrose, Harry Jessop and Jack Hocheder that same year.

The principal client to follow Mr. Stephens in his new endeavor was the Dundalk Company, a subsidiary of the Bethlehem Steel Company. The Dundalk Company had hundreds of acres of farmland to subdivide for employee housing as the Bethelhem Steel Company geared up for World War II.

James Armacost joined GWS as an associate.

GWS headquarters was moved to 5 McCurdy Avenue, Towson, MD.

Harry Jessop, Jack Hocheder and James Armacost were promoted to principals and made up the nucleus of GWS.

GWS headquarters was moved to 303 Alleghany Avenue, Towson, MD when the McCurdy Avenue property was acquired along with adjacent property to develop the site on which The Investment Building now stands.

The company opened a Bel Air office in the Equitable Bulding, 220 South Main Street. The office offered the same services as the Towson office to accommodate the anticipated growth of Harford County, MD.

James Armacost retired after 31 years of service.

Jack Hocheder retired after 36 years of service.

Mr. Stephens retired at 93 years of age, 41years after founding his company and just two years before his death in 1983.

The Bel Air office moved to 203 East Broadway, Bel Air, MD.

GWS headquarters was moved to 658 Kenilworth Drive, Towson, MD to accommodate its growing staff.

GWS Bel Air moved to the new Water’s Edge Corporate Campus in Belcamp, MD on the old site of the Bata Shoe Factory. GWS played an integral part in the design process of the 141 acre corporate campus adjacent to the Bush River.

GWS expanded its service area into Delaware with a new office at 104 East Pine Street, Georgetown, DE.

GWS headquarters was moved to Belcamp as the Towson office relocated to Schilling Circle in Hunt Valley, MD.

GWS moved its Maryland Offices to the Forest Hill Industrial Airpark in Forest Hill, MD.